Disadvantages of Marble Countertops for the Kitchen

disadvantages of marble countertops

We all know that marble countertops are beautiful, elegant, and classy. This is why many choose marble for their countertops at home. However, there are also disadvantages of marble countertops for the kitchen. Unless you regularly maintain the marble and you’re extra careful with it, then marble might not be the best choice for your kitchen countertops.

Marble is truly a pretty material. It is used on floors, walls, and even tables and chairs. You’ll oftentimes see marble furniture in gardens and patios. However, when it comes to the kitchen, the more popular choices are usually quartz countertops or granite counters. Nevertheless, many would still use marble because of its classic look. Sure, it does require a lot of maintenance, but it’s worth it because of the elegance and luxurious feel it can bring into your home.

Compared to other natural stones like granite, for instance, marble is a soft stone. Of course, it is hard when you feel or touch it. But it soft that it can easily get scratched, chipped and damaged.

When you use it in the kitchen, you must never cut ingredients directly on top of your marble counters. You must use a chopping board at all times, otherwise, you will see scratch and cut marks on the marble. Always have a trivet ready when you need to place hot pans or pots on top of your countertops otherwise your marble countertops will get damaged too.

Furthermore, marble is porous. This means that it can easily be discolored or stained when you spill liquid on it. When you spill sauces or juices accidentally, make sure that you wipe it right away. In addition, being porous requires you to clean and sanitize your marble countertops all the time just to ensure that bacteria won’t build up over time.

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