Top Bathroom Countertop Installation Tips

bathroom countertop

Installing a bathroom countertop can be frustrating, especially if you have hired labor for it. The cost can include multiple as labor cost is included, and time to install the countertop may increase as the labor would work only for the agreed time duration per day. In this article, you will find valuable tips that can help set the bathroom countertop right.

Choosing the right type of material to use for your bathroom countertop is highly important. There are plenty of options. There’s the usual ceramic tiles. Some people prefer natural stones. Many others use granite. The process is just as important as choosing the type of floor for your custom home

1. Prefabricated Granite: By buying prefabricated granite, you can easily cut down on labor costs. The prefabricate granite comes in standard depth and size of any bathroom. You can have them directly installed without having the labor to cut the granite in segments to fit in the bathroom.

2. Go for Undermount Sinks. Deciding the countertops for the bathroom go of the under-mount sinks as they are easy to clean.

3. Laminated Countertops: Although granite countertops are always in demand, they are quite expensive and call for high maintenance. Laminated countertops are perfect for any bathroom type. They are durable and require minimal maintenance. They are highly resistant to moisture and come in a different range of colors.

4. Clean up the Stone Dust: A granite countertop may frequently have stone dust build up around the sink opening while the opening is being cut. The dust, if not cleaned away, may interfere with the bond of the sink to the granite. And you will have a shaky countertop.

5. Invest in Quality Faucets: Faucets are used daily and should be durable. Therefore, it is highly advisable to invest in quality faucets. You can find a great variety of valves or fixtures at a wholesale shop and that too at reasonable prices.

Countertops can define your bathroom area. It is highly recommended to invest in laminated countertops as they are moisture resistant. With a laminated countertop, you can leave the water splashes on the countertops to clean later in your free time.